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Filling Cappers
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WR Series WR-300BF

A compact cream filling machine of linear-type rotation degassing type

WIST's unique linear-type high-speed bottle changer requires no specialized parts such as screws or star wheels, and achieves exacting bottle changing and centering through its automatic centering function.
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Features s

Rotates complicated bottles at high speed to fill them with a variety of materials including extremely thick cream with ease.


Individual speed settings can be made for the bottom and opening of the containers to enable the container to be filled right to the top.


All movement is controlled by an AC servomotor removing the necessity for changeover of the cam and other parts.


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WR Series WR-300BF


  Filling volume   5.0 to 330.0 cc digitally variable
  (550 or 1100 cc as options)
  Filling method   AC servo-driven piston-type volume filling
  Bottle rotation/raising/
  lowering section
  Rotation: 1,500 rpm max., 2-speed servo
  Raising/lowering: 120 mm ST max., servo
  Number of product types in
  99: Filling volume, speed, smoothness, sacks, raised/
  lowered positions and rotational speed
  Materials for sections exposed
  to liquids
  SUS304, Viton, and resin
  (SUS316 available upon special order)
  Filling capacity   20 to 30 units/min (varies with liquid properties)
  Safety devices   Holds items in place by vacuum adsorption during
  rotation. Provided with emergency stop switch.
  Bottle changer   Servo-driven side-belt type
  Applicable bottles   35 to 80 mm dia, 40 to 80 mm high,
  round, square and oval
  Utilities   ower: 30 A at 3-phase 200 VAC, Air: 0.5 Mpa min.

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