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Filling Cappers
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WB Series WB-2/WB-4/WB-6/WB-8

Automatic bottle filling machines in ultimate pursuit of compatibility with the latest products

The WB Series are compact automatic filling machines featuring direct bottle feed to enable compatibility with new and various products.
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Features s

A newly developed pitch maker enables bottles of any shape to be quarried and stably conveyed without the use of screws, star wheels, or holders.


The machines accommodate new products without necessitating any parts changeover, thereby eliminating the cost of such parts.


Once each type of product is produced, the fill volume, speed, and nozzle type can be memorized for a total of 99 product

Pitch maker


  Filling volume   Selection of 5 to 220 cc, 10 to 300 cc, 10 to 500 cc,
  and 20 to 1000 cc
  Filling method   Piston filler with forced changeover valve
  Output   WB-2: 20 to 30 bottles/min
  WB-4: 30 to 60 bottles/min
  WB-6: 40 to 70 bottles/min
  WB-8: 60 to 90 bottles/min,
  Varies depending on fill volume and speed
  Number of product types in
  Bottle shapes   Round, square and oval
  Bottle diameter   15 to 80 mm dia.
  Bottle height   60 to 200 mm
  Detection function   Detects the absence of bottles and filling
  Detects nozzle collision
  Options   Servo control for each axle of the filler
  Filler: Check valve type glass cylinder specifications
  Utilities   Electricity: 3-phase 200 VAC
  Air: Over 0.5 Mpa

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  The inquiry over the telephone TEL 81-774-98-6767
  The inquiry by the email khara@wist.co.jp
  The inquiry from the website contact us

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