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Filling Cappers
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HL Series HL-1Ms/HL-2/HL-4TR/HL-6TR

Round-type compact machines linking with flexible holders that are suitable for the multiproduct production of bottles that easily topple or do not stand stably.

WIST's newly developed flexible holder incorporates unique link and curve claw mechanisms that chuck, pressurize, and transfer bottles. This excellent general-purpose holder stably transfers unstable bottles (e.g., mascara bottles) that have high gravity centers or a dispersed thicknesses range.
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Features s

The round-type single- or double-based machine transfers bottles in a smooth intermittent motion, and the quadruple- or sextuple-based machine transfers them in a stable continuous motion.


By accommodating each work unit in the round, the system succeeded in great space saving with high maintenance performance attained.


The round-type base machine completes the entire stages of filling, inner plugging, outer capping, and automatic discharge. The machine can be installed in narrow places, and is ideal for clean booths as well.


Memorizing a total of 99 product types with their filling and capping conditions along with their discharged heights and styles.

Dimensional Drawing (HL-1Ms)

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HL Series


   HL-1Ms HL-2 HL-4TR HL-6TR
  Output 30 bottles/min 30 bottles/min 40 bottles/min 60 bottles/min
  Filling method Rotary degassing filling Level follow-up filling Level follow-up filling Level follow-up filling
  Filling quantity  3.0 to 33.0 cc 5.0 to 88.0 cc 10.0 to 550.0 cc 10.0 to 550.0 cc
  Number of
  filling heads
 Single Double Quadruple Sextuple
  Inner plugging Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Capping   Servo capper Servo capper Servo capper Servo capper
Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Base machine
  Intermittent motion Intermittent motion Continuous motion Continuous motion
Mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss, and facial liquid foundation Liquid sample and liquid cosmetics in small bottles Common liquid cosmetics Common liquid cosmetics
 Automatic supply of bottles, inner caps, and outer caps
Total collection system of production data (analyzer)
Bottle-reversed air washing machine

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