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Filling Cappers
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Mascara Filling Cappers WG-1

In order to meet the demands of often changing designs and items in cosmetics production, the WG-1 is not only compatible with various product types but also offers the flexibility to accommodate new products to make production of a multitude of products possible with just a single machine.

Centrifugal degassing through high-speed bottle rotation is provided as standard to achieve integrated production of both tube products and cream fillers.
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Features s

The new G-seal mechanism is used to seal the tubes, thereby eliminating the changeover costs for the end-cutting mold.

Filling tubes

External seal appearance equivalent to that achieved with hot air and end cutting is realized through a heater system offering simple setting conditions.

Filling cream


The G-seal is a revolutionary new sealing method utilizing a rounded finish rather than the usual projections on both
sides of the sealed end formed during conventional tube heat sealing, thus maintaining the same strength as before.
  The end seal is rounded for an attractive finish.
  Internal and external surfaces are slowly heated through three stations using a newly developed heater system to realize a wider variety of adhesion conditions. Differences in tube widths are also accommodated with ease, removing the necessity for meticulous adjustments.
  Supports a tube diameter range of 15 to 50 mm, thereby eliminating the necessity for the production and changeover of molds.
  Accommodates a vast variety of new products with extremely few changeover parts, resulting in the minimization of costs.
* The G-seal is a patented method of Akimoto Sanki Co., Ltd.


Main unit
  Production capacity   30 tubes/min
  (varies depending on the viscosity of filler and operator)
  Base machine   8-divisioned table
  Filling and capping conditions   Up to 99 product types memorized

Filling section
  Filling method   Digitally synchronized liquid surface follow and
  rotate type centrifugal degassing
  Container rotation   Low/High speed digitally set for each cycle
  Filling mechanisms   LPS-301: 1.0 to 33.0 cc
  LPS-2001: 10.0 to 220.0 cc

Tube seal
  Sealing method   Special heater method, 3 stations
  Sealing disc   8 heads

  Capping method   Servo capper
  Torque setting   0.8 to 4.0 Nm digital setting
  Cap chuck   3-pronged chuck system
  Bottle clamp   Double clamping centripetal system

Automatic jar-type bottle retrieval(optional)
  Drive system   Single axel cam servo
  Retrieval position/
  Placement position
  Up to 50 product types memorized

Contact for the Production Introduction

  The inquiry over the telephone TEL 81-774-98-6767
  The inquiry by the email khara@wist.co.jp
  The inquiry from the website contact us

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