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A compact inline-type capper boasting outstanding support for new products

WIST's Servo Capper handles production of a wide variety of existing products, has the capability to accommodate new products flexibly, and achieves a high quality of cap attachment and positive labor savings.
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Features s

WIST's unique high-speed bottle changer requires no specialized parts such as star wheels, and achieves exacting bottle changing and centering through its automatic centering function.

Supports various types of bottles

Digitally makes tightening torque settings with a memory capacity of 99 product types.


Constantly monitors tightening torque while in capping operation.


Incorporates a three-prong chuck that ensures compatibility with a wide range of products and no damage to the caps.

3-prong chuck

Simply add this machine to your conveyor and commence production on the spot.


Provides adjustable cap clasping pressure, downward force, and bottle clasping pressure.


Nozzle direction control, a chuck datum function for oval-shaped caps, and two-prong chucks are available as options.


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  Torque adjustment   0.8 to 4.0, digital setting
  Torque control method  Servo control
  Number of product types in
  Bottle positioning method   Automatic bottle dimension measuring control
  Bottle diameter   30 to 80 mm dia. (oval-shaped bottles:
  Shorter diameter dimensions)
  Bottle height   Side belt (S): 30 to 150 mm up to the neck
  of the bottle
  Side belt (M): 60 to 180 mm up to the neck
  of the bottle (standard)
  Caps   1,025 chuck: 10 to 25 mm dia.
  2,540 chuck: 25 to 40 mm dia. (standard)
  4,055 chuck: 40 to 55 mm dia.
  Output   25 to 40 items/min
   (varies depending on the shape of the caps or bottles)
  Power source   15 A at 100 VAC
  Compressed air   Over 5 Mpa, 150 NL/min
  Select side belt and chuck size.
  Options   Pump nozzle direction control
  Reverse product flow specifications
  2-prong chucks
  Sub-chuck specifications for chucks listed above
  Chuck datum function

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  The inquiry by the email khara@wist.co.jp
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