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A high-performance inline-type capper realizing high output and high supporting performance for new products

Performs the capping of low-height wax jars, long-tall bottles that easily topple, bottles that have high gravity centers, sample bottles, and other unstable bottles that were difficult to handle in the past.
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Features s

Incorporates an auto tracking system, thus precisely performing the capping of each bottle in synchronization with the movement of a conveyor automatically by locating the WIST SC-3TR above the conveyor.


Requires no specialized parts such as screws, star wheels, or holders, thus immediately supporting new products.


Always monitors tightening torque while in operation, thus realizing high-precision capping.


Provided with a variety of modes used according to the situation of production: High-speed production mode (where the chuck does not rise or fall), packing rise compensation mode (where each cap seated is reversed and torque tightened), chuck origin mode for oval-shaped caps, and pump cap direction regulating mode besides normal capping mode.


The capper chuck is compatible with the SC-3.

Installation dimensions

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  Torque adjustment   0.8 to 4.0, digital setting
  Torque control method
  Servo control
  Number of product types in
  Bottle positioning method   Digital tracking with side roller control
  Bottle diameter   20 to 80 mm dia.
  Bottle height   10 to 160 mm
  Caps   Round: 16 to 50 mm dia. oval-shaped or
  square-shaped caps are supported by 2-prong chucks.
  Output   30 bottles/min. to 55bottles/min.
  (varies with conditions)
  Options   Pump nozzle sub-chuck function, 2-prong chucks,
  and 4WD roller chucks
  Utilities   Electricity: 20 A at 200 VAC Air: 0.5 Mpa min.

Contact for the Production Introduction

  The inquiry over the telephone TEL 81-774-98-6767
  The inquiry by the email khara@wist.co.jp
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