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Linear-type bottle reversing air washing machines with preeminent support performance for new products and high washing capability

A pitch maker that provides preeminent support performance for new products along with a highly reliable FANUC robot cleans bottles with compressed air while reversing the bottles, thus demonstrating a high washing effect.
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Features s

A compact linear-type that requires less space than conventional machines and can be incorporated into existing lines with ease.


WIST's unique pitch maker enables bottles to be quarried and stably conveyed without the use of screws, star wheels, or holders.


Not requiring any changeover of parts, thus immediately supporting new products with expenses saved.


Bottles are reversed after the openings of the bottles are plugged and vacuumed, which makes it possible to clean the heavy dust in the bottles, such as glass dust, without dispersing the dust.


WIST's support software enables data input on new products into the robot and the position adjustment of the robot with ease through a touch panel, thus eliminating complicated teaching work and allowing ease of use on site.


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  Production capability   WS-4R: Approximately 40/min
  WS-6R: Approximately 60/min
  WS-8R: Approximately 80/min
  Washing system   Clean air purge of bottles turned upside down and
  blower recovery
  Air purge filter   Micro-mist air filter (0.01fÊm element)
  Blower recovery filter   Dry type filter
  Applicable bottles   Diameter: 30 to 80 mm, Height: 60 to 200 mm
  Safety cover   Under waist: SUS cover,
  Above waist: 5-mm-thick PET
  (provided with opening/closing interlock)
  Options   Electrostatic remover, high-performance filter for air
  purging, HEPA filter for exhaust gas,
  support for clean robot specifications, and upstream
  and downstream side belt conveyor
  Safety devices   Door opening and closing interlock and emergency
  stop switch
  Utilities   Electricity: 30 A at 200 VAC, Air: 0.5 MPa min.

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  The inquiry by the email khara@wist.co.jp
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