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High-precision Servo Filling Machines
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High-precision Servo Filling Machine CPS Series

A fixed quantity of water, cream, or high-viscosity material can be filled with a single machine that can change over the product type instantaneously.

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Features s

Covering a wide viscosity range.

A single machine supports the filling of materials ranging from low-viscosity materials, such as water, to high-viscosity materials including bean jam and bean paste.

Allowing the filling of liquids directly suctions from tanks.

High-viscosity materials, such as hair treatment lotion and rinse liquids, curry, and meat sauce, are directly suctioned at high power, which ensures ease of filling work with no supply work to upper hoppers or use of supply pumps.

Allowing the filling of mixed materials.

Filling materials, such as scrub cream, curry, meat sauce, and beef stroganoff, without crushing materials.

Disassembled and washed.

The section exposed to liquids can be perfectly separated. Furthermore, the section is of sanitary construction and allows ease of disassembly, washing, and sterilization with no tools.

Allowing immediate product type changeover.

Memorizing data on 99 product types, such as the filling quantity and speed of each type as long as it is once filled, thus eliminating troublesome adjustment work at the time of product type changeover.

Smooth injection function and suck-back function.

Provided with a smooth injection function that prevents spilling and foaming together with a suck-back function that prevents spilling and threading.

Ease of movement and height adjustments.

Incorporating upper and lower lifters in combination, thus allowing ease of movement on site and work height adjustments.

Versatile nozzles.

Versatile nozzles are available for a wide variety of filling scenes and materials.

CPR: Three operation types are selectable
according to the filling requirement.

At the time of filling two containers, the CPR Series fills the left- and right-hand-side containers simultaneously with the filling quantity on each side adjusted individually. This is effective when the CPR Series is built into automatic lines that use hoses or applied to the simultaneous production of shampoo and rinse liquids or the mixed filling of two liquids. The alternate filling of the left and right containers is performed highly efficiently with a short break adjustable according to the skill of the operator.
In the case of the high-capacity filling of business-use bottles cut into the line, the CPR Series distributes a necessary quantity of liquid to the left and right cylinders automatically, thus making it possible to fill each container continuously


  Product name cylinder Filling
Power supply Air
  CPS-300S   1 cylinder/
  1 servo drive
  5-300cc   AC100V 15A   80NL/minute
 CPS-300W   2 cylinder/
  2 servo drive
  5-300cc   AC100V 15A   140NL/minute
  CPS-500S   1 cylinder/
  1 servo drive
  10-500cc   AC100V 15A   80NL/minute
  CPS-500W   2 cylinder/
  2 servo drive
  10-500cc   AC100V 15A   140NL/minute
  CPS-1000S   1 cylinder/
  1 servo drive
 10-1000cc   AC100V 15A   80NL/minute
  CPS-1000W   2 cylinder/
  2 servo drive
  10-1000cc   AC100V 15A   140NL/minute

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